Blue Bee One Health Live Class with Dr. Shi Armero: PCOS, Other Related Cases Affecting Pregnancy and Folic Acid Supplementation (PART 5)

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Last time, we discussed all the aspects concerning endometriosis and other factors related to this condition such as secondary dysmenorrhea, and menstruation. Today, we will focus on PCOS and helping couples to be successful in conceiving and attaining healthy pregnancy. Read the following essential points in this article!

Points about PCOS and Other Related Cases Affecting Pregnancy

Doc Shi explained that generally for those who really wanted to achieve pregnancy, they both need to achieve the pregnancy as the egg is impossible to fertilize on its own. The egg and sperm should be of good quality to be able to form a good quality fertilized egg. 

If the future plans of the couple are to conceive, do both need to follow lifestyle modification?

Yes! Both the husband and the wife or the female and the male partner should follow a healthy lifestyle for them to be able to ensure that the level of oxidative stress in the body is lowered because our body could not eliminate too much of it. In turn, it kills good quality sperm and egg. So, both men and women should follow healthy lifestyle modifications. 

Moreover, Dr. Shi mentioned that both husband and wife should have a full agreement in terms of planning to conceive as they both want to achieve pregnancy. If only the wife or husband alone prefers to conceive and get pregnant, they will not attain a successful pregnancy. Remember, it takes two to tango so they both need to be ready and prepared in getting pregnant. 

 How can a woman get PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is not contagious but can be obtained or inherited through genetics. Also, it can be epigenetic or it can be a syndrome due to a lot of factors or health conditions. PCOS comes with diabetes, hypertension and it can lead to metabolic syndrome. Oftentimes, we get it because it’s a lifestyle disease, so that means we get 

it from our unhealthy lifestyles like being in a very stressful environment and lack of physical activity. 

Actually, there is a new quote nowadays that sitting is the new smoking because many people today are working at home and most of the time we’re just sitting down, not moving our body. PCOS develops over time. You can review and learn about PCOS from the last discussion conducted by Dr. Shi last time. So, take note that it’s by the food that we take in, there’s too much cholesterol in our food, that’s how we develop PCOS.

Does PCOS lead to surgery?

It sounds like an ovarian cyst, but the management is not surgery. It is not the same with an endometriotic cyst or dermoid cyst. This is a very different entity. Supposedly there is only one dominant follicle that releases an egg every month while the rest of the follicles are inactive or resting. But with PCOS, there are no dominant, no inactive, or resting follicles because the follicles are immature or in a midstage, not dominant and not resting. When we look at the ultrasound, there are polycystic appearing ovaries but PCOS is a syndrome. We have to manage the PCOS and if the ovary looks polycystic, then hopefully we need to check the overall polycystic ovarian morphology and manage the PCOS as a whole. If the polycystic appearing ovaries are gone, surgery is not required.

Effect of Folic Acid and Other Supplements in PCOS and Pregnancy

If you are preparing for pregnancy, folic acid is a great supplement in preparation for pregnancy at least 3 months before getting pregnant. Dr. Shi added that most of the OB-GYNs advise their patients who want to get pregnant to start taking the folic acid at least one month before getting pregnant. But she preferred to take folic acid supplements 3 months before getting pregnant. 

Talking about PCOS, the role of folic acid is being an antioxidant like Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and many other vitamins available in the market. The antioxidant’s role is to fight the free radicals or bad chemicals in our body. Basically, our body can fight them but if we take too much of the bad stuff, we need antioxidants to balance or kill that bad stuff in our body. 

If you have lower antioxidants, the higher the oxidative stress will be due to the free radicals as they further cause premature aging of our cells. Then, eventually, the quality of the egg and sperm decreases. That’s why we need exogenous antioxidants like folic acid and other vitamin supplements.

Other than fighting oxidative stress, folic acid is beneficial in preventing neural tube defects or congenital malformation in babies. So, take note of the two main functions of folic acid supplements. First, it is an antioxidant and second, it is useful as a preventive measure against neural tube defects.


We learned some points about PCOS and other related cases affecting pregnancy like ovarian cysts. Plus, taking folic acid supplements along with other vitamins and minerals is a great way to fight oxidative stress in our body and prevent certain health conditions during pregnancy like neural tube defects in babies. If you and your partner/spouse are considering getting pregnant, both of you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and start taking folic acid supplements. In the next article, we will share more information about the 6th live class. Please stay tuned! You can also watch the full video on youtube.

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