The Main Components of Belta Folic Acid Supplement

Folic Acid for Women

Belta Folic Acid Supplement is one of the most popular products for pregnant women. It is recommended for pregnant women to take before/during pregnancy, but even if your chances of getting pregnant increase by taking folic acid, you wouldn’t want to take the kinds of supplements that contain components that you need to avoid, do you?

Therefore, this article will introduce the components of Belta Folic Acid Supplement.

Read on and find out why this brand won the Monde and Pavone awards for its high efficacy and quality.

Belta Folic Acid Supplement is mono-glutamic acid folate 

You need 2 types of folic acid. These are mono-glutamate (synthetic folic acid) and polyglutamate (natural folic acid). Belta folic acid supplement uses mono-glutamate folate, which is the type of synthetic folic acid. 

When you hear of synthetic folic acid, you may have a bad impression and think that it may not be good for your body. However, the mono-glutamic acid type is recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

What is mono-glutamic folate?

Most of the folic acid in foods is polyglutamic folate, and it is broken down into mono-glutamic folate acid by the enzyme in the small intestine mucosa and then absorbed into small intestinal cells.

Folic acid in supplements is already mono-glutamic folate and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have indicated 400μg as the recommended amount of mono-glutamate folate.

 Therefore, it’s better to take supplements where the folic acid type is already mono-glutamate folate.

Moreover, Belta folic acid supplement contains mono-glutamic folate in natural yeast and further increases its absorption rate.

What is special about yeast in Belta Folic Acid?

Actually, even with mono-glutamate folate, the absorption rate into the body is not 100%. In the process of synthesizing folic acid, there is a kind of bad folic acid called “isomer”, and it is inevitably contained in the supplement. Therefore, even if you think that you are already taking the necessary amount of folic acid on a daily basis, the actual absorption rate is still lower.

The “Yeast folic acid” that is contained in Belta Folic acid supplement solves this problem.

By the power of yeast, only good quality of folic acid can be increased, and folic acid can be ingested more efficiently.

Even though you take a folic acid supplement every day, if it does not absorb properly, you may get a shock. However, Belta folic acid supplement is a mono-glutamate folate contained in yeast, so you can take the necessary amount according to your body needs every day.

Belta Folic Acid Supplement Contains Beauty Components

Belta folic acid supplement contains plenty of beauty components such as swallow’s nest, hyaluronic acid, placenta, collagen, black vinegar, and coral calcium. Besides that, you can expect beauty effects from these two ingredients.


It is a component that provides beneficial intestinal effects. It gently regulates the function of the intestines without irritating your stomach and intestines. Also, you can improve bad constipation during pregnancy. Once the condition of the intestines improves, your skin and physical condition also improve.

Ⅲ Type of Collagen

This collagen is a representative of collagen, but it decreases with age. Therefore, you need to take this type of collagen from outside sources if possible. By continuing ingestion, beautiful skin can be expected.

Belta Folic Acid Supplement is Non-Additive

Belta folic acid supplement doesn’t contain any additives but contains plenty of ingredients such as vitamins, calcium, iron, etc. which are necessary components during pregnancy.

Since all ingredients are non-addictive and use only ingredients from Japan, you can take this supplement safely before and during pregnancy, and after giving birth. The ingredients below are effective during pregnancy.


Although DHA is a component contained in large quantities in bluefish, it is known that ingestion during pregnancy and breastfeeding has a positive effect on children’s exercise and behavioral emotional development.

o, it is reported that it lowers the preterm birth rate and decreases children’s asthma incidence rate by taking DHA during pregnancy.

Vitamin B2,C,E

Because these vitamins have antioxidant effects, you can expect to experience anti-aging effects with Belta Folic Acid.

Vitamin E also has a blood circulation promoting action, so it helps to improve the circulation of the blood and keep your body warm. In addition to that, Vitamin E makes the condition of the uterus better for pregnancy because it is a source of luteinizing hormone for women.


Belta Folic Acid Supplement is made with high-quality ingredients that manufacturers have specifically and meticulously taken into account for the conditions of pregnancy.

So if you are looking for a folic acid supplement, do not take careless risks and gamble with your body and baby’s future by buying low-quality products.

Choose the best and go for Belta Folic Acid Supplement. You will see the difference and realize why this brand won not only one, but two, prestigious awards for quality, the Monde and Pavone awards.

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