Be Careful When You Feel Pain Because of “Umbilical Hernia”


The umbilical cord connects the mother and baby. If you look at the new life in your stomach, you will be somewhat impressed by the “navel”, which is a remnant. But as the belly gets bigger, it pops out.

It doesn’t look good either, and it’s embarrassing to see it protruding. If you are worried about its appearance, read on.

Reasons for the navel popping out during pregnancy

There are many pregnant women whose navels pop out during pregnancy. It is because of the thinning and tearing of the subcutaneous tissue of the umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord that delivers oxygen and nutrition necessary for growth when a baby in the mother’s stomach is separated at childbirth. The umbilical hole that you can see is covered and blocked by a stiff tissue such as inlay tissue and fascia, but it is stretched during pregnancy and affected by the thinning or tearing from the inside.

Be careful when you feel pain! Kinds of pregnant bellies

The bellybutton that pops out with abdominal pressure is called “umbilical hernia”, and it can be divided into two types depending on the situation.

Popping out bellybutton is okay, however, if you have pain, you may need to see your doctor.

Painful umbilical hernia

There is a hole in the peritoneal cavity below the pelvis, and the intestine and fat have escaped from between the tissues and the umbilicus has popped out and accompanied by pain. As you move the intestine may get stuck in the open hole and the blood flow may be blocked, so have a medical examination early.

Painless Umbilical Hernia

It is also a state where the navel pops out because of the pressure from the inside. However, there is no pain, and when the size of the stomach returns after giving birth, it usually cures naturally. If you really care about the appearance, you can also fix it by surgery.

In addition to this, ascites may be caused by a disease in which the water accumulates in the stomach. If you have chronic illness or have other symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

There are many women who are troubled after giving birth because of “umbilical protrusion disease” that occurs when the skin stretched during pregnancy does not return. The sagging skin swells, and the muscles around the navel become thin. There is no need to worry as it is closed because the umbilical hole is closed. However, if the appearance is bothersome, the skin can be removed by surgery.

To prevent umbilical hernia

You can prevent umbilical hernia with a little effort.

  • During pregnancy, support the abdomen with abdominal belts to lighten the load on muscles
  • Protect the navel with maternity girdle from pregnancy to after childbirth


As it is not effective to train your abs, stretches that strain your stomach should be modest during pregnancy.
The appearance may disturb you, but after pregnancy, it will be restored. It is also a proof that the baby is growing, so it may be best not to mind so much for the sake of your baby’s health and safety.

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