Preterm Birth: How to Give Birth According to The Expected Date of Delivery


For pregnant women, the expected date of delivery is an important day when they can finally see their baby. However, depending on the mother’s physical and mental condition, the baby may be born earlier than scheduled, and labor may be difficult. So how can you avoid a premature or difficult birth?

How do you give birth according to the expected date of delivery?

The planned date of delivery is not required to happen on the exact day of the scheduled date, and a total of about 5 weeks of the scheduled date is the given range of full-term production. In addition, people with unstable premenstrual cycles may have difficulty predicting the expected date. In other words, few babies are born on the scheduled date that the doctor has estimated.

However, preterm birth is at high risk of low birth weight in premature infants. In difficult births like these, there is a risk that both mom and baby will be weakened significantly during labor. In order to have a smooth birth, you want to avoid the risk of premature birth and difficult delivery.

A method that is said to be effective in preventing premature birth

No one wants to have anxiety about having a premature birth. It may not be 100% but you can still try not to have it.

Avoid stress as much as possible

During pregnancy, frustration tends to build up because a lot of things such as physical fitness, physical condition, taste, and body shape change.

Also, if you are pregnant and working, work and human relationships can easily affect your health.

As long as you have a baby in your stomach, you may not be able to withstand your usual hard work. As a result of the accumulation of invisible stress, there is the possibility of premature birth and miscarriage.

Stress is a big problem not only when having a baby but also living in general. Especially, when you get pregnant, try to get rid of stress.

Do not try too hard

During pregnancy, your physical strength cannot be as good as it used to be. You may be forced to stay in bed for a long time with rising blood pressure or swelling, or in a severe case, absolute rest. In addition, intense exercise and external pressure are strictly prohibited. The direct burden on the body increases the possibility of preterm birth.

Be extra careful until the stable period is reached

The risk of sudden miscarriage is reduced after five months of pregnancy during the stable period. It roughly refers to the middle of pregnancy.

However, it is wrong to attempt to return to pre-pregnancy life after entering a stable period. To reduce the risk of preterm birth, continue to avoid putting strain on your body.

In order to prevent difficult births, exercise within a reasonable range

Although the definition of a difficult pregnancy is broad, it mainly means that the baby takes too long to be born. There are various causes, including the following:

Inverted child – Because the legs and buttocks of the baby are facing the cervix, it is difficult for him or her to go through the birth canal, and it takes time to give birth. If the head remains in the stomach and the baby is unable to breathe, oxygen cannot be supplied to the brain, and it may be because of cerebral palsy or asphyxia.

How to correct the baby’s position?

The pelvis is narrow – It takes time to give birth when the mother’s pelvis is narrow and not loosened enough during delivery.

Cervical Abnormalities – The cervix, where the baby passes through is long or closed.

Weakness of labor pain – Due to weak labor pain and the length of time to open the cervix, the mother’s body is significantly exhausted.

Wrapping of the umbilical cord If you give birth while the umbilical cord is wrapped around your baby’s neck, you may cause choking or hypoxia and cause a disability.

The baby has grown too big – Both the length and weight are too big and it is difficult to get the baby through the birth canal.

In order to prevent labor difficulties, it is necessary to identify the causes that make labor difficult and take proper action.

Birth is a serious game that can take a life. Considering that physical strength is easily weakened during pregnancy, it is recommended that you exercise properly within the range that your body and baby can handle and keep your physical strength strong.


Mothers experience a lot of changes during pregnancy, and stress builds up. Let’s keep in mind to live leisurely to prevent premature and difficult birth.

It is also said that babies are born of their own will and come out when they are ready to be born. Moms need not worry more than necessary. However, be constantly conscious of your mental and physical state during pregnancy so birth can happen as planned.

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