Average Weight and Language Development of One Year and Three-month-old Babies

You will see many developments on your baby during this period. They try to do many things by themselves. They may be frustrated when they can’t do what they want to do. Therefore, please see and support them gently.

Concerns about Child Care of a One-and-a-Half-Year-Old

Usually, you don’t need to be worried too much about your baby, however, if you think something is wrong at his 1.5 years old, it may be time to think about it seriously and talk with your doctor.

Development of Language, Eating, and Play at One and a Half Years Old

The reason why health checkups are held at the halfway point of the child's first year and a half is because it becomes easier to identify developmental delays, etc., that until now have been left to "wait and see”. What will babies be able to do during this period when developmental differences begin to become noticeable?

Growth and Development of a One-Year-Old: How Do You Balance Work and Childcare?

When your child turns one year old, many of you may feel that the year has gone by in a flash. In just one year, a baby who was once just sleeping in your arms is now walking on his own and saying words that make sense. From now on, one-year-olds will continue to make even greater progress toward toddlerhood. In this article, we will discuss the growth of the one-year-old child and the important points to keep in mind.

Climbing the Stairs to Toddlerhood: What are the Growth Guidelines and Characteristics of a One-Year-Old?

When your baby turns to one year old, they may be able to stand and walk finally. And this stage is considered as toddlerhood. You will see your baby growing every day as they can do new things almost every day/week which surprise you.

Growth Precautions for 9-month-old Babies: Part 2

Many people may be troubled by the differences between their 9-month-old baby and other children around them, as well as by new behaviors such as "following”. Here is some advice to address the concerns and questions that many mothers and fathers have.
Newborn Care

Growth and Developmental Characteristics of 9-month-old Babies: Part 1

In the first nine months of life, an increasing number of children begin to crawl and stand while holding onto something. In many cases, the remarkable development of motor functions coincides with the onset of following. Although this is part of the baby's growth process, many mothers and fathers may be troubled by the situation where the baby's range of activities has expanded to the point where they cannot leave the house even for a moment.
Newborn Care

Growth and Developmental Characteristics of a 7-month-old Baby, and What is Mom’s Condition?

When your baby turns 7 months old, he/she can see clearly and gradually around them. Also, there are many developments on their bodies. It’s very interesting to see how they grow up every day.
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