An 80% Probability of Success in Having a Girl or a Boy: What is The Birth Sex Division Method?

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A child is said to be a gift from heaven, but there are many couples who prefer to have a boy, or a girl, if given control.

Although there are no full guarantees, there are methods that are said to succeed with a probability of about 80%.

In this article, we will also explain concrete methods to decide a baby’s gender. If you would like to get pregnant in the near future you may refer to these methods.

Points to remember for success

Here are the important points that you need to take note:

  • Timing of sex
  • Devices for women
  • Devices for men
  • Using jelly for intercourse

There are ways to influence a baby’s gender. Let’s look further in detail.

How is the sex of a baby determined?

The gender of the baby is determined by the chromosome. And chromosomes affecting gender are determined by the male sperm.

Pregnancy is established upon the encounter of the female ova and male sperm to make a fertilized egg and landing it on the endometrium. There are two types of chromosomes – X and Y, but only X exists in eggs. Sperm, on the other hand, has either X or Y.

And when the sperm of the X chromosome joins the ovum, a girl is born, and when the sperm of the Y chromosome joins with the ovum, a boy is born.

In other words, it is possible to divide the birth if you control which sperm causes girls(X), or boys(Y) to be born by combining accordingly with the ovum.

Guidance on division of births that are accepted at hospitals

You can receive guidance on birthing in hospitals, infertility clinics, obstetrics and gynecology departments.

 In the hospital, guidance by the “timing method” is common after conducting various kinds of examination on the reproductive organs for diseases. In the timing method, since the size of the follicle is directly measured by ultrasonic examination, there is an advantage to predict the possibility and/or identify the accuracy of ovulation date.

In addition, you can determine the best timing for the couple to bear a girl or a boy. You can use jelly that is often used for birthing under the guidance of a doctor.

Your Guide to Have a Boy or Girl

 In this section, please read the methods and steps on how you can have a baby in your preferred gender: 

Timing method

The first method of birthing is timing for the married couple.

Abstinence for about 5 days before ovulation day, sexual intercourse on the day of ovulation, and then contraceptives after that.

Sexual intercourse two days before ovulation day, then contraceptives.

Women’s vagina keeps acidity, but on ovulation day acidity is weakest. When acidity is weak, you can actively engage in intercourse.

In addition, it is effective to accumulate sperm without ejaculation for about 5 days, since a lot of sperm as possible are required to send many Y sperm to the womb.

On the other hand, an X sperm that makes a girl has a slow time arriving at the uterus, so it must be sent 2 days before the ovulation day. Also, since X sperm is strong against an acidic environment, it is not necessary to abstain in advance to accumulate sperm.

Control acidic alkalinity in the vagina

As mentioned earlier, a woman’s vagina is acidic, but there are times when only alkalinity is secreted. It is the moment when a woman orgasms.

We have mentioned that X sperm makes a girl. X sperm is strong against acidity but not accustomed to alkalinity. If you want a girl, it is better not to orgasm. In trying to have a boy on the other hand, it is preferable to neutralize the X sperm with alkalinity for the sake of the “weaker sperm Y that makes a boy”, which is weak in acidity.

  • To have a boy – to be as comfortable as possible and have orgasm during sexual intercourse
  • To have a girl – end the intercourse before orgasm

Use birth separation jelly

Birth separation jelly is used to control acidity in the vagina. Use it by putting it in the vagina at sexual intercourse. Baking powder is the main ingredient, so there is no worry about (negative) side effects.

Depending on the color of the jelly, it is also called green jelly, or pink jelly.

Other reliable methods

With the current high medical technology, it is technically possible to investigate chromosomes in advance. In other words, there is a method that can divide them nearly 100%.

The method is “pre-implantation diagnosis”. It is a medical technique to investigate the condition of fertilized eggs before pregnancy, which is done before returning fertilized eggs to the uterus by in vitro fertilization or microsemination.

The chromosome of the fertilized ovum from which the eggs and sperm are collected in advance has already existed whether it is an egg to become a boy or an egg to become a girl. In other words, we can pick up growing embryos of the desired gender and return them to the womb.

However, although preimplantation diagnosis is common in the rest of the world such as the United States, most clinics do not correspond with Japanese ethics.


We have explained about birthing methods. However, practicing for male and female birth may lead to mental and physical burden which could lower the pregnancy rate. So when performing the methods mentioned above, make sure that the partner cooperates to avoid wasting time and effort.

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