7 Gifts for Pregnant Mothers That They Can Appreciate

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Are you having difficulties knowing what to give for a birth celebration? We asked moms what gifts they can really appreciate!

Chair for Children

 “A wooden chair that my friends gave me. I was so glad that I got something a little luxurious that I didn’t have to buy myself.” (35 years old, mother of a boy)”

It was surprisingly a chair for children that more than half of the mothers preferred. The tiny size does not get in the way of the interior, and the types that are cute and long-lasting are popular. If several people can chip in to buy one, you can afford the more expensive kind. 

So if you have a close relationship with the family members and friends of the mother-to-be, making an effort together to buy a gift is smart.

Assorted Fruits

 “When I got tired of child rearing, I was impressed by having a beautifully cut fruit platter!” (31 years old, mommy of a boy)

When mothers are busy and functioning on insufficient sleep, it seems delightful to have something delicious to eat or drink that helps them recover from fatigue and that saves them time and effort. Non-caffeinated herbal tea is also popular.


 “Although it is plain and simple, it is certainly useful. I got it from my senior mother, but I thought that it was truly helpful.” (38 years old, mother of a baby girl)

Recently there are many popular types of artfully gift-wrapped diapers in the form of a cake or sushi.

Giving diapers as it is may be awkward. So the creative arrangement seems a good way to give a sensible gift.

Hand Towel

 “It was a big success at walking time. It’s practical, of course, and it seems that it helps the child calm down. It is an indispensable item when you go out. I am also happy to be able to use it regardless of my child’s age.” (34 years, mom of a baby girl)

Because it is reasonable and easy to give, it is good that it does not cause a burden for those who receive it. It makes it even special if you put initials or choose a design that is simple and practical.

Handmade Quilt

 “A quilt cover that my friends made. It is really nice and made me very happy – it’s a treasure that I can keep for the rest of my life.” (32 years old, mother of a boy)

It is a wonderful gift that conveys feelings of a celebration. When times are difficult, it is also recommended to devise handmade accessories such as pouches, embellish a commercial item with embroidery, and make artful arrangements of simple items.

Classic Brand of Baby Clothes

Japan made baby clothes are easy to use, because pale shades and simple designs can be used regardless of the baby gender, and it’s very helpful.” (30 years old, a baby boy’s mama)

When trying to give with good sense, choose something different from the other person. However in reality, sometimes it is more sensible to give something useful. So let’s choose a staple item if you are having a hard time choosing your gift.

Nursing Cape

“I got it from my senior mother. I intended to finish shopping, but some baby items were forgotten.” (31 years old, baby girl’s mama)

Experience-based gifts seem more likely to please mothers. Thoughtful gifts like a cushion for the (umbilical) cord, pillows and breast-feeding items that are convenient to use and make mommy comfortable are always appreciated.


Pregnancy and giving birth, especially for first-time moms, are exhausting. So thoughtful gifts and kind consideration is needed more than anything.

Of course we should not only choose pleasing items but more importantly choose sensible/useful ones. Assuming that she might receive similar gifts from other people, it is wise and helpful to reduce the burden on a mother after listening to her requests.

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