7 Checkpoints For Buying Folic Acid Supplements

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These days, there are many kinds of folic acid supplements on the market. Therefore, many of you may get confused about which folic acid supplement is the best for you or what the differences are.

In this article, we will introduce the 7 checkpoints when buying folic acid supplements.

7 Essential Points to Buy Folic Acid Supplements

There are many things that you need to consider in selecting the right and suitable folic acid supplements as we see hundreds of stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies selling different kinds of folic acid supplements. In this section, we provide you with essential points that you need to be aware of when you buy your folic acid supplements. Read the important details below carefully!

 It contains a sufficient amount of folic acid 

Folic acid should be supplemented with 240 μg intake from meals per day, and 100 to 400 μg with folic acid supplement. Especially during fertility treatment and in the early pregnancy, you need folic acid most of the time. Therefore, choose the kind of folic acid supplement which you can take up to 400 μg per day.

  • (Besides meals) necessary folic acid per day
Fertility treatment〜Early stage of pregnancy +400μg
Mid stage of pregnancy 〜Give a birth +240μg
Breast feeding +100μg

A synthetic ingredient with high absorptivity is blended 

When you hear the word ‘synthetic ingredient’, you may hesitate to take a folic acid supplement. However, it is not dangerous. As mentioned in the previous article, folic acid has a polyglutamic acid type of natural ingredient and mono-glutamic acid type of synthetic ingredient.

Even if you ingest the polyglutamic acid form of natural ingredients, it will be absorbed after it has changed to mono-glutamic acid form before absorption and the number of nutrients will be reduced to about half.

 By ingesting mono-glutamic acid type of folic acid, you can avoid a low absorption rate. This is the reason why the mono-glutamic acid type of synthetic ingredient is recommended.

Nutrients other than folic acid are also well-balanced 

It is recommended that folic acid be ingested together with other vitamins rather than by itself. When Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Calcium, Iron etc are taken together, it will be more effective.

GMP-compliant safe product (GMP certified factory) 

Products manufactured at the factory in compliance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Standards and Good Manufacturing Practice are safe and secure. 

This means that raw materials, manufacturing, shipping are made with stable and consistent quality.

All ingredients are disclosed publicly 

Check all nutrients and additives listed. Nutritional ingredients are a measure to know excessive intake when combined with meals. Be sure to check it so that you will know if you overdose with other supplements you are taking.

Also, if you take a folic acid supplement, you should pay attention not only to nutrients but also additives. Make sure that the folic acid supplement contains no fragrance or artificial sweetener.

Easy to take: Shape & Smell

As you need to take folic acid supplements every day, check their ease of taking. The size, shape, and smell of supplements are also important. Even if it is good and nutritious, it will be difficult to continue if it is hard to swallow.

Affordable price for long term 

The folic acid supplement needs to be taken for a long period from pregnancy to breastfeeding. Therefore, it is an important fact whether you can continue talking based on the price for a long time.

Also, check what kind of support is available after purchase.

How and when to take the folic acid supplement 

After buying your folic acid supplements, you need to know now the specific times you will take the supplement. Here is some information about this matter.

When should you take a folic acid supplement?

It is recommended to take a folic acid supplement between meals. It is because the absorption rate increases by ingesting hunger when there are no meals in the stomach. However, water-soluble vitamins are easy to be excreted as urine by ingested in large quantities at once. 

Instead of taking the required amount of the day at a time, it will be relatively easy to absorb by drinking in divided doses.

How long should you take a folic acid supplement? 

Breastfeeding after childbirth is also a time when folic acid is necessary more than usual. However, with a balanced diet, you can take enough of the amount of folic acid required. So, you can stop taking folic acid supplements.

In case you want to be pregnant soon, it is better to continue taking folic acid supplements.


When you buy a folic acid supplement, refer to the criteria in this article. During fertility treatment, pregnancy, you need to take a good quality folic acid supplement for you and your baby.

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