5 Ways to Enjoy Maternity

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Pregnancy is a woman’s only privilege and cannot be experienced so many times in life. In the maternity period of about 9 to 10 months, there are big changes in the body. As a result, there are many things that you cannot do as normal, and there are times when stress accumulates. However, there are also pleasures that can only be done during the maternity period.

In this article, we have interviewed mothers with birth experience, about activities that they think were good to have done or experienced, and those that they wished they could do during the maternity period.

Build new friendships with other mommies during maternity yoga and clinics

In the maternity period, not only visible changes in the body, like the stomach swelling, happen but also invisible changes mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. A lot of these changes can occur especially in the first maternity season when a lot of uneasiness is usually experienced.

Classes that specialize in maternity are a big help at such times. For maternity yoga and clinics, you can move the body with confidence under the guidance of experts, and release stress.

 In addition, one of the most important experiences is your encounter with other mommies who are also “on the way”, and are just as excited as you about childbirth. If it is a maternity class held at a local hospital or municipality, you can continue to connect with each other after childbirth.

Maternity classes also serve as places of support for the pregnancy period, both physically and mentally.

Have a special maternity photoshoot

One of the major experiences that can only be done during maternity is the “maternity photoshoot”, that will provide you with special memories of your time as a pregnant woman endowed with life – as manifested by your grown tummy.

According to some mothers who have been interviewed:

“My child was born and it was delightful, of course, it was such a pleasure. But a part of me was somewhat lonesome that he (the baby) left me. The time of having a life inside a stomach is really limited. I think that it is important to keep memories of that special pregnant figure in the maternity photograph. It is also good to show these to the children together as they grow up.”

For simple tips on shooting maternity photos, click here.

Consider the things you’re unable to do before and do it right now

One thing that can be done during maternity period is to take advantage of the opportunity to do the things that you like to do very much. Some opinions may not agree, however the maternity season is a very valuable time that you must treasure carefully.

Pregnancy seems to be a good time to consider doing things that you love as much as you want until now.

Have a pre-mama and pre-papa experience

“Pre-mama and Pre-papa experience” is being done at baby supplies stores, hospitals, nursery schools, etc.

“Pre-mama and Pre-papa Experience” aims to increase the awareness of childbirth and child rearing through actual childcare experience of a baby, or by listening to a senior parent/citizen by discussing it.

When a child is born it is often heard from men that they do not have any idea about taking care of a child. So this is a good exercise in order for men to have awareness as a dad. Invite your partner to participate with you.

Do the things that you cannot do once your child is born

What we need to do during the maternity period is to do the things that you will hardly have the chance to do once your child is born.

More specifically, you may want to go to a quiet place, such as the movies and museums, and other places that are usually not child-friendly.

Recently, there are musical concerts where you can bring your babies but these are basically performed for children to enjoy. So, it will be a different way of enjoying something from what you can participate as adults.

It is a good idea to think whether certain activities (especially ones that you like to do) can still be enjoyed with your child or children around. So it may be better to spend time enjoying these before giving birth.


Nine months may seem like a long time to be busy with the changes in your physical condition and the physical care that accompanies it, preparations for birth, and etc. However, you will soon realize how limited the maternity period is. So enjoy “getting busy” about it, and do not stress.

It is a good thing to be able to get the support of seniors or experienced mothers who can be relied on to provide advice, so try to gain the power of their wisdom when you can.

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