48 Sexual Positions From Japan that Couples Should Try (Part 2)

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In the preceding article, we discussed the benefits of sex in couples as well as the 16 sexual positions that originated from Japan that both of you and your partner should try. So, today we will bring you the second part of the other 16 sex positions of this article series. Read the following and take note of the necessary details!

48 Moves No. 17 – Shigarami

Lying on your back with your legs aligned, your man covers you as he stretches your legs. Increase the degree of love when both of you entangle the stretched toes with each other. Your partner should put pressure on your thighs and put pressure on them to intensify your sexual pleasure. If you want slow sex, this is an easy position to pull out especially if you perform vigorous piston movement.

48 Moves No. 18 – Hyakuhei

You straddle and insert yourself on your man on his back. As the basic cowgirl posture, move your hips back and forth while pressing the clitoris against your partner’s crotch so that you can easily get pleasure.

48 Moves No. 19 – Honkomagake

You sit on your man who sits with his knees bent. In this move, your partner has a high degree of freedom of movement and it is easy for him to move in a comfortable posture. So, match the proper angle between the vagina and the penis. 

48 Moves No. 20 – Sailing tea mill

Your man raises his upper body from you on top posture while you put your one leg on his shoulder. By raising your legs high, it looks like a sailing ship. With this dynamic posture, the joint part is completely visible to your partner. 

48 Moves No. 21 – Chausunobashi

You cover your partner on his back from above and you lean down on your upper body to make close contact. As the top love position for couples, the woman can easily perform piston movement by repeatedly raising the buttocks, relaxing the power, raising the buttocks, and relaxing the power again with only the consciousness of pulling up the buttocks.

48 Moves No. 22 – Unreasonable

In this move, you are sitting on your partner’s thighs as you are facing each other, you are tied with your hands and legs in a posture that looks like you are rolling back. Your tied legs are held in your man’s arms and then he inserts on you gently. This is useful for creating eroticism. 

48 Moves No. 23 – Shigurechausu

You need to crouch down and insert into your partner on his back with his legs open. This is the most common cowgirl posture. It’s a bit painful, but you will feel more comfortable. Remember, it is a position that is useful when giving a strong pleasure to your partner!

48 Moves No. 24 – Leverage

A position in which your man with his head turned over and inserts while holding your leg in the direction of your leg on his back. To be honest, this is one of the most difficult positions.

It is impossible if the height difference between the two is not suitable for this position. If your partner is too tall, he will pass by your leg. It is a high fetish posture that allows the toes of your legs to be inserted in his mouth.

48 Moves No. 25 – Kotatsu

You ride on the lap of your partner in a kotatsu and insert it. It’s a posture that makes you want to do it in a wide area, but it’s a position that seems to be fun considering various situations.

Women can move easily by touching the top plate of the kotatsu.

48 Moves No. 26 – Lion Dance

You sit face-to-face, raise your legs high to the shoulders of your partner while you are sitting, and insert in that state. You should rest your hands on the floor around the back of your hips to prevent them from falling back. Actually, it’s hard to move and the feeling of insertion in this position is not good.

48 Moves No. 27 – Shumokuzori

A position in which you are also inserted on his back while lying on his back. If there is a similarity at both of your feet, the joint is perfect.

You should enjoy this move to a hotel. Although it looks like an acrobatic posture, it is actually a position where your partner can face pleasure with a surprisingly serious attitude by holding your waist and moving it. You can also shake your heads and enjoy kissing.

48 Moves No. 28 – Nearby

Your partner also lays down and caresses you while lying down. This position is not the posture at the time of insertion, but the posture at the time of foreplay and after play. You can see that the people of the Edo period who made this posture as one of the positions of sexual intercourse, as well as insertion, were romantic. 

48 Moves No. 29 – Suspension Bridge

Your partner inserts it over you on your back, then he holds your hips and lifts the lower body, and you put your elbows on the floor to support your floating body. If he moves the piston back and forth in this position, it will put a strain on your elbow, so if you ask your partner to move his hips in a circular motion, you will get a deep pleasure. It is easy for your partner to get a good angle by lifting your waist with the image of pulling your vaginal opening toward him.

48 Moves No. 30 – Back Yagura

You are standing in front of him in the same direction and your partner inserts it from behind into you who has a hand on the wall. This is a posture generally called “standing back”.

When inserting, you can insert it well by sticking out your buttocks. If your partner moves repeatedly with the image of pulling your waist rather than doing a piston moves back and forth, there will be less fatigue and you will also be given a deep feeling of insertion.

48 Moves No. 31 – Gosho Cart

“Gosho-cart” is an ox cart, which is a vehicle for high-ranking people such as the imperial family and aristocrats. It is also displayed on the Hina dolls. You will insert from above as if crouching on your partner on his back and turn 360 degrees around the male genitalia as the starting point. This position puts a strain on the male genitalia, so please consider the other person’s condition.

48 Moves No. 32 – Tomoe

A position in which your head facing the leg of your partner covers him while lying on his back and caresses each other. The position of the “starling” introduced in the 12th move is interchanged.


We provided some details about the other 16 sexual positions that couples can easily follow. If you want to know more about this topic, stay tuned to the last part of this article series as we will share the remaining 16 moves in the next article!

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