48 Sexual Positions From Japan that Couples Should Try (Part 1)


Experts and professionals recommend couples to work on creating an environment that sparks their innate desire, making the Japanese sex they perform have even more thrill than before. There are many sexual positions or moves that are commonly known across many countries. To deepen your love and sexual relationship with your spouse or partner, there are some popular informative guides from Japan for couples to try on. 

In this article, we discuss the benefits of Japanese sex in couples and 48 sexual positions that originated from Japan that both of you and your partner must try. Read them carefully and take notes!

Benefits of Sex in Couples

Although some couples already have happy, enjoyable, and healthy romantic relationships without having sex together or only having sex together only once in a while, there are many benefits of sex n couples. Below are some of the primary benefits:

  • Fortify the bond with your partner.
  • Increases the secure feeling in your relationship.
  • Show deep love and affection to your partner.
  • Trying to become pregnant.
  • Helps you connect with your own body in a delightful and sensual manner.
  • Improves heart health and boost immune function.
  • Soothes headaches and relieves migraines.

48 Sexual Positions Originated From Japan

In Japan, the number 48 of 48 moves express the determining element of sumo and it was also named based on the sexual position in the Edo period. Plus, “48” means “a lot of favorable numbers” in ancient Japan.

48 Moves No. 1 – Tachikanae

Kanae is a term used in ancient China which means a three-legged iron sickle and the name was given in this sexual position because it resembles an image of the two people standing and facing each other. So in this move, the man and woman should face each other while standing. Then, the man lifts and inserts one leg of the woman. Both of you can kiss each other, touch your hair and deepen your love while facing each other. It will be easy and smooth if you guide your partner in inserting his genitalia. 

48 Moves No. 2 – Chidori no Uta

Chidori no Uta is actually the title of a well-known Japanese song and the reason for the name of this position is because the posture of the woman seems to be playing the koto or a Japanese zither. In this position, you sit next to your man lying on his back and give a blowjob while caressing your partner’s testicles with your nipples. 

48 Moves No. 3 – Tachimatsuba

Similar to an acrobatic move, your partner lifts both your legs on the back. While supporting the legs, the legs are crossed and inserted as your man straddles you. To heighten your sexual pleasure, ask your partner to move his hips back and forth because it will make him feel as if he is stirring the inside of your female genitals.

48 Moves No. 4 – Miyama

When you lie on your back while raising your legs over the shoulders of your partner, he inserts while supporting your legs. If you prefer lying on your back, then this position is the most recommended one for you. Also, lifting your hips to an angle where the entrance to your vagina fits perfectly with your partner will further increase your pleasure.

48 Moves No. 5 – Tachihanabishi

This position is a cunnilingus move or a move that stimulates the female genitalia using the tongue or lips. While on your back, you open your legs and your partner sneaks into your crotch, and puts a pillow or towel under your waist. So, he can easily lick your genitalia and expect a long-term caress. 

48 Moves No. 6 – Reverse drop over the cormorant (Hiyodorigoe no Sakaotoshi)

In this position, you are lying at the front and your partner performs cunnilingus while holding your legs up to the top of his shoulders while being in between your legs. You should support the weight with your elbows and hands.

48 Moves No. 7 – Goban Attack

Your partner stands behind you in the same direction. Then, he inserts from behind into you who bends down and touches the board. You can put your hands on the bed, desk, kitchen table and stick out your hips. Stick out your butt as much as you can to enjoy a smooth insertion and strong pleasure.

48 Moves No. 8 – Kubihikirenbo

In this position, both of you are sitting while facing each other while opening your legs and inserting them. Then, hang a string around each other’s neck in order to hang the center of gravity behind each other while enjoying the feel of the string behind the neck. If you are uncomfortable in the sitting position, you can try this move.

48 Moves No. 9 – Shibori Fuyo

As a type of back sitting position, you open your legs and insert it over your partner who sits facing the same direction and has his legs aligned and extended. When your partner is inserting, guide him properly and if you’re shy, your vaginal opening will be completely invisible to your partner. Also, your partner should caress your breasts because his hands are free. 

48 Moves No. 10 – Naruto

Similar to the 9th move, your partner opens your legs wide after insertion and deeply intersects while rotating your hips. So, your partner needs to use his physical strength fully well. 

48 Moves No. 11 – Chidori

If you have great flexibility and are someone who does flexible exercises, we suggest that you do this position. You need to lay on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet touching your buttocks while your man covers and inserts on you. Be extra careful if you are not flexible in doing this position. 

48 Moves No. 12 – Starling

Your man with his head facing your legs as he covers you while you are lying on your back and caresses each other. You can caress with your lips and tongue but this move can be really challenging or extremely hard for couples with large height differences.

48 Moves No. 13 – Hiyodorigoe

If you like the back, this position is recommended for you. In this move, your man holds your waist from behind and inserts it into your vagina as you are kneeling and in a crawling position. 

48 Moves No. 14 – Hugging

Both of you need to have great muscle training while doing this position. Your man lifts your leg in push-ups to your waist and inserts it from behind with your waist raised. Again, be careful in this acrobatic-like position as you can possibly lose your posture and get injured when your arms start to feel weak.

48 Moves No. 15 – Karigakubi

Similar to the 2nd move, this position fits between the legs. You enter between the legs of your man lying on his back while caressing him with your lips and tongue.

48 Moves No. 16 – Hands-on

You are facing the same direction as you sit on your sitting man and insert it. Your partner is in a difficult position to move except by pushing up from below so you need to actively move up and down or rotate your hips. It’s easier to move if you have your partner hold your hips and assist you. 


Today, we learned about the 16 sexual positions which are popular and well-recommended from Japan. Talk with your partner or spouse about this matter so that both of you can enjoy a happy and pleasurable sexual life. Stay tuned to the next articles as we bring you the other sexual positions that both of you can do next time. 

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