4 Ways to Have Childbirth Without Perineal Incision


Fear of labor pain cannot be wiped out especially for first time births. One of the most scary things to think about is “the perineal incision” which makes many first time moms think that maybe they would rather not go through the ordeal.

So why do we need this kind of incision? Is there no way to get rid of it?

In this article, we will tell you all about the perineal incision.

A perineal incision is not always done 

During pregnancy, the maternal tissue becomes soft due to the influence of the hormone so that the birth canal will become easier to grow at the time of delivery. The same is true for the perineum – it expands its size so that the baby’s head can pass through.

 However, the perineal does not grow at a stretch at birth, but gradually loosens little by little. So if the baby comes out before it grows, the perineal may be torn. Therefore, in order to avoid the perineal splitting, a perineal incision is done in advance.

When should a perineal incision be necessary? 

The circumstances under which a perineal incision is made are broadly divided as follows:

  • When the perineal is difficult to stretch and the possibility of it ripping when the baby comes out is high
  • When there is danger to the baby, such as decreasing heartbeat, and when circumstances cannot afford to wait for the perineum to stretch
  • When it is necessary to put instruments in the vagina by aspiration delivery, or etc.

In other words, if the perineum seems to grow sufficiently, perineal incision is not necessary. However, there are many maternity hospitals that cut in advance to avoid risk because there are times when it severely rips as a result of splitting into zigzags in the process of splitting, and further trouble may occur because of ripping in the anus.

How to have a baby without a perineal incision 

Recently there is an increasing number of maternity hospitals with policies on giving birth without a perineal incision, so you can look it up in advance. It seems that there are many places where you can receive guidance so that you can give birth without cutting if you give birth in one that incorporates the following methods.

Freestyle delivery 

The pelvic floor does not spread sufficiently when laying on the back of the birth bed or on the back of the delivery table, and the perineal vision may not extend to the maximum extent. Freestyle birth can be born with a free system, if you challenge the pelvis or perineum in an easy-to-open posture you can give birth without worrying about ripping.

Childbirth without labor

It is said to “kill” the power to push out, but by doing so, the perineum tends to split. When giving birth, the baby comes out according to the contraction and gravity of the uterus.

A baby will be naturally born even if you get a little bit scared, and just when you cannot tolerate, exhale to let the uterus contract.

Waiting for the growth of the perineal muscle

Because the perineal muscle slowly grows, it takes time to relax completely. Birth can happen without the perineal incision, if it seems that it can wait judging from the baby’s situation, and other factors – although there are maternity hospitals which do not wait for the perineal muscle to loosen up.

A perineal massage

It is said that the perineal muscles become easier to grow at the time of childbirth, beginning around the 34th week of pregnancy. The way to do that is to apply vegetable and non-additive oil such as olive or sweet almond to your fingers, massage to stroke the perineum, or apply pressure about 3 to 4 centimeters in the vagina. This method takes about 5 to 10 minutes once a week.

It is also good to talk to your doctor beforehand about your intention to give birth without doing a perineal incision or to write it in the birth plan.


It is ideal if you can give birth safely without cutting it, but depending on your condition and baby’s circumstances it may be safe to make a perineal incision. There are also some maternity hospitals that anesthetize at the time of incision and melt threads that do not require extrusion, so if you are anxious, please check in advance. Also, when it becomes necessary to make a perineal incision it may be nice to ask them to give a voice call or an explanation.

It is important to relax, because exertion may be caused by the fear of having a perineal incision and it may be possible to worsen the opening of the perineum. The priority is for the baby to be born safely, so let’s have a childbirth without fearing labor more than necessary.

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