4 Controversial Topics that New Moms Encounter All The Time

Mom and baby

Despite the newfound joy that first-time moms commonly experience when they welcome their babies, there are concerns, judgemental comments, and unlikable advice that surround you the whole time.

Some moms have their own birthing and parenting stories which may affect the decisions of first-time moms regarding newborn care. In this article, we are going to discuss several controversial topics to avoid having unnecessary arguments about your personal choices in managing your baby’s growth.

How to Give Birth

We all know that everyone has their own story of their birthing experience. Many mothers have their good stories while others have bad memories. It’s important to remember that it all depends on your personal preference and health concerns or issues, if there are any.

Some have considered to have epidural to provide analgesia or pain relief as it blocks the nerve impulses from the lower spinal segments. But it can have some side effects, which rarely happen, such as low blood pressure, itching, and headache.

Checkout the effects of painless delivery.

In natural birth, your baby is protected against low levels of oxygen during contractions by the stress hormones in your body. However, it also has its own side effects such as severe bleeding, scarring, infection, and longer-lasting pain.

On the other hand, C-section might reduce the risk of pain during and after birth, injury to the vagina, heavy bleeding after the birth, and loss of bladder control. It also has side effects such as infection of your wound or the lining of the womb, problems with getting pregnant in the future, and bleeding.

It all depends on you and your ob-gyn’s advice. Go for what’s best for you and your baby.

Sometimes you can choose how to give birth, however, you need to ask your doctor which one is better for you and your baby.

How to Feed Your Baby

Some mothers out there prefer to have their babies breastfeed. According to our medical experts, breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for the infant as it lowers the baby’s risk of having several diseases like asthma and allergies. Babies who are breastfed without any formula have fewer ear infections, respiratory illnesses and many more. Breast milk contains antibodies that can help your baby have a strong immune system which will prevent him or her from getting sick.

But formula feeding has its benefits as well. This method is less invasive, less uncomfortable, less demanding, and easy to regulate in your routine. Mothers can eat what they want instead of conforming their diets to accommodate their babies. Your baby can be fed anytime and anywhere. You and other people like your family and relatives can share the experience of feeding your baby and create a close and meaningful bond.

There’s no right and wrong in this matter. These methods have their own pros and cons that you will have to take into consideration when deciding what is best for you and your baby.

How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

Many parents always think about co-sleeping with their babies. But there are some safety and risk concerns for the baby. Most doctors don’t recommend to share a bed with your little one since it can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

But there are ways to put your baby safely to sleep. You can put your baby in a separate bassinet next to your bed as opposed to your bed. Some parents keep a crib in their own room in order to monitor their baby closely.

How to Change Your Baby’s Diaper

Before the production of modern diapers nowadays, there exists some diapers made in various kinds of cloths. Today, disposable diapers are the common materials that parents use as these are more convenient and easier to handle.

But, as a cost saving option, the use of cloth for diapers resurfaces again in the market as it is also an environmentally friendly choice. Despite that it appears to be dirty, unsanitary, and difficult to manage, there are many recent designs which make them appealing to the parents. You can read some information about this matter in our last article. (click here)


Although there are many different advice and suggestions regarding your parenting life, it’s between you and your spouse to decide what is best when it comes to child care. What is essential is for you to be aware about the facts rather than believing opinions and myths.


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