4 Benefits of DHA Omega-3 During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is quite a delicate period, from the first trimester up to the third, as the baby’s healthy development rides on the mother’s overall health and diet. And doctors provide various supplemental vitamins and minerals, which can help aid the fetus’s growth in the womb, and one of which is DHA Omega-3. Sounds familiar? Well, you’ve probably heard or seen it on commercials involving canned tuna products that are said to be filled with Omega-3. But just what does this compound do, and how can it help our pregnancy process? Let’s find out more here.

DHA Omega 3: sources and amount of in-take

Omega-3 is what we love to call a healthy type of fat, and it has three types; DHA, ALA, and EPA. The most beneficial kind for pregnancy is the DHA Omega-3, which you can normally get on seafood such as fatty fishes, seaweed, and algae. Fishes, including salmon, seabass, mackerel, and sardines, have the highest DHA content, along with shrimps and oysters. Furthermore, seaweed, such as nori used for sushi wrap and kimbap, is also a rich source of this fatty acid.

It’s a seafood buffet when it comes to DHA. And it’s advised that pregnant women eat at least 500 to 1000 grams of Omega-3 rich foods per day.

 However, you also can take supplements instead; be sure to consult with your physician when it comes to the dosage per day.

Pregnancy Benefits of DHA Omega-3

Tissue Development

An important aspect that must be boosted when the fetus is still developing in a mother’s womb is tissue development. And DHA Omega-3 is a helpful building block that ensures flexibility and a more responsive cell membrane and provides stronger tissue formation during the period when our baby starts developing basic organs.

Higher Intelligence and Great Eyesight

If there’s one thing that DHA is known for, besides weight loss and lean muscle development, is the huge part it plays being the necessary building blocks for our baby’s brain and retina. And with so many birth complications related to underdeveloped eyesight and mind, providing your fetus as much of this fatty as possible can help boost his cognitive skills and intelligence as well as good vision.

Boost Immune System

DHA Omega-3 fatty acid also boosts our babies’ immune system during their development inside their mothers up to their birth. According to studies and observations, experts received results that mothers who regularly get a DHA dose during pregnancy produced children with higher immunity to various allergies. And if there’s one thing we don’t want our kids suffering from as they grow older, it is getting allergic reactions from different factors such as food and environment, which can hinder them from fully enjoying life.

Lower Risk of Preterm Birth

Preterm birth occurs when the baby suddenly has this urge to get out way before it has even completed the 37 weeks of development. And it is such a prevalent case that statistics even show 1 out of 10 moms suffer from this in the US alone. Even my older brother is a preterm birth baby. With a continuous DHA intake, this fatty acid helps lower this problem from occurring, thus allowing the baby to maximize the pregnancy period and develop its body to the fullest before coming out.

It’s every mother’s sole goal throughout their pregnancy period to provide the best to ensure that they give birth to a healthy bouncing baby. And they will move mountains to achieve this.


Thus we can never stress enough how crucial it is that all mom-to-be should take their diet seriously and eat only healthy foods such as those rich in DHA Omega-3 so their babies will also develop healthily. After all, our kids are our most prized possessions, and nothing can ever come close to their value in this life.

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