3 Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Stress

The early pregnancy is an important period for both mother and baby. Especially during this period, many pregnant women are worried about “How should I spend my time?”, or “What measures can I take to avoid morning sickness or miscarriage?”

In this article, we will introduce 3 essential points on how to spend time during the early pregnancy.

How to Spend Time During the Early Pregnancy?

In the mother’s body during the early pregnancy, various changes occur to raise the fetus. If you feel unwell, and are experiencing typical symptoms such as nausea or sleepiness, you may find it difficult to live an ordinary life and perform the usual everyday tasks such as work or housework.

Therefore, it is important to spend the early pregnancy period without stress. Accepting unstable physical conditions and things that you can’t do because of your condition is one of the first steps in taking care of yourself in your early pregnancy

Depending on your physical condition during the early pregnancy, it may affect your work and life. Even a pregnant woman who thinks “I want to work again even after pregnancy” or “I need to do housework as usual”, may be surprised by the sudden changes in her physical condition. So what should you do?

First, ask for help from people around you. During pregnancy, it is essential to get help from your partner, your family, your boss and colleagues. If you don’t feel well, if you feel sick or tired, you can ask for help and rely on supportive friends.

 It’s important for pregnant women who have severe symptoms of morning sickness to have people around them understand. Consideration such as consulting the contents of work with a boss or a coworker or asking your husband to wash dishes after dinner will give you less stress in your mental health, as well as physical strength.

3 Essential Points on How to Spend the Early Pregnancy

In this section, we provide you some clear and detailed information and tips on how you can spend the early period of your pregnancy conveniently. Please note the important points!

Review lifestyle habits

When pregnant, the pregnant woman’s body begins to change rapidly. Especially in the early pregnancy period, a big difference appears in the physical condition.

Symptoms of morning sickness, dizziness, loss of appetite, feeling nausea, and dullness, can disrupt the rhythm of life. If you live an irregular life before pregnancy,  change and review your lifestyle.

Light exercise 

Some pregnant women may think, “I want to have enough energy for childbirth”. In order to maintain your health, do light exercise that can be done after meals and a little spare time. If you do some exercise after eating, you can expect weight gain prevention from overeating.

Avoid intense exercise during the early pregnancy. Even for moms with few morning sickness symptoms, it doesn’t mean that the fetus is stable.

However, if you don’t exercise at all, your body gets swollen by bad blood flow. So do light exercises such as “walking” or “stretching” in the early pregnancy. After-meal walks and stretching will also change your mood.

Choose comfortable clothes

In the early pregnancy, the belly doesn’t show and no significant changes in the body shape is seen. Therefore, many pregnant women may wear the same clothes as before. However, choose comfortable clothes even in the early pregnancy.

Even if there is no change in your body figure, the baby in the belly is growing rapidly. You should choose loose clothes that do not feel tight around the belly. The tightness of the clothes can make morning sickness symptoms worse.

Also, high heels should be avoided as there is a risk of falling. It is also important to keep your belly warm. It’s good to wear extra inner layers of clothing, and use maternity wear which can be used from the early pregnancy period.


During the early pregnancy, many women tend to have morning sickness or algidity. However, changing your lifestyle, light exercises and choosing comfortable clothes make you feel better. Keep these things in mind and enjoy pregnancy life!

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