3 Bust Care Tips to Maintain Youthful Breast Before and After Giving Birth


Many women would like to keep a beautiful decollete and bust line, even with age. This is a common wish of those who have experienced marriage and childbirth. It is for this reason that I am sharing several effective bust care tips that I was good at practicing before and after childbirth. Please read the tips below carefully!

Bust Care Tip # 1: To maintain an even bust line, choose the correct undergarment

You can maintain beautiful busts by consistently using underwear suited to your breast shape and size. Because of the changes that breasts go through during pregnancy like the increase in size and under-bust tightening, the most convenient answer to a maternity bra that can be worn through these changes in breast size is a sports bra. There are many cute designs and it is surprisingly fun to choose!

And when you’ve had your baby, and ready to get into physical activity to lose the extra weight from pregnancy, you can wear the same set of bras that you wore while you were pregnant. 

It seems that maternity bras have many useful functions for a mother. It is however economical if you choose the kinds you can still use before and after childbirth.

Bust Care Tip # 2: Breast Massage for Babies and Moms

Breast massage is recommended for lactating mothers to increase milk supply, prevent stretch marks and improve breast appearance, lymph drainage, and cancer detection, and relieve sore muscles (check how to do massage for these purposes by clicking here!).

So breast massage that you are doing for your baby’s milk supply is also useful for keeping a beautiful bust. Because breastfeeding may result in a difference in your left and right breast size and shape, consistent daily breast massage will help maintain beautiful breasts.

Bust Care Tip # 3:Exercise to bust-up

In order to maintain body shape after birth, many women require physical exercise to recover. However, focus should be given to the chest, arms, and bust area to prevent sagging breasts such as weight training.

Exercise and massage to firm up the breasts can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Each routine may take only about 5 minutes. While changing clothes or at the bath, you can massage around the bust area with firming oils such as virgin olive oil, to help bust up.


Bust care before, during, and after pregnancy is not only important for your baby but for mothers’ well-being. You will definitely not regret that you took care of yourself and managed to maintain a healthy and youthful physical shape and appearance in spite of all the changes that you went through during pregnancy.

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