16 Pregnancy Facts: An Interesting Read!


Pregnancy is certainly the most amazing experience in life. It may be a blessing or a strange experience for some, but overall, an unavoidable part of humanity. We take the good with the bad in this journey and look forward to new life – perhaps with positivity, apprehension, happiness, or anxiety. However, we look at it, bringing forth new humans in this world is undeniably one of the greatest privileges.

Our article today will share some fun facts about pregnancy. Enjoy!

Before & After you get pregnant, you may wonder what would happen to you

If you get pregnant for the first time, you may wonder what would happen to you / your body / your baby. Everyone is a new mom in the beginning, so it’s normal even if you don’t know everything about pregnancy.

Every woman learns what to do/ how to deal with etc. after they get pregnant. So, don’t worry too much.

Did You Know?

1. A baby starts making its first poo, called meconium at around 21 weeks gestation. However, it won’t pass until after its birth.

2. The largest cell in the human body is the female ovum or egg cell. The smallest cell in the human body is the male sperm.

3. From The second trimester onwards, babies pee in the uterus. Then they drink it.

4. Unborn babies can feel, see, and hear.

5. A fetus acquires fingerprints at the age of 3 months.

6. The last organ to develop in the baby is the lungs.

7. The eggs of mice, rabbits, gorillas, dogs, pigs, whales, and humans are all about the same size.

8. Most of the amniotic fluid is actually sterile urine.

*Amniotic fluid – is the protective liquid contained by the amniotic sac of a pregnant female.

*Amniotic sac – is the sac which the fetus develops, this is the inner membrane. The outer membrane is part of the placenta.

9. Studies have shown that babies can taste what their mother is eating.

10. Contractions don’t stop after birth. Muscle cramps are the body’s way of stopping excess blood loss.

11. The sex of a baby is determined by whether the sperm that fertilizes the egg carries the X or Y version of chromosome 23. (i.e. the sex of the baby is determined by the father and NOT by the mother.

12. Babies cry in the womb.

13. Your feet can swell up to one full size.

14. You can ‘crave’ non-food items!

15. Nipple stimulation is a scientifically proven way to bring on labor.

16. Pregnant women suffering from heartburn give birth to babies with heads full of hair.


There you go, ladies. Amazing right? If you are still planning for pregnancy though, these can be fun to observe or experience. Have a blessed journey.

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